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Welcome to Around 2 It Services

Around 2 It Services Inc. specializes in commercial/residential construction and excavation. Founded in 1985, we have over 34 years of experience in Genesee county and surrounding areas. Around 2 It Services Inc. is focused on you, our client. We listen to your needs and wants regarding your project and then create a design based upon these specifics and your budget. Our team is passionate about providing each client with the best service, design and value possible.

Surface/Ground Water Management

Around 2 It Services Inc. has gained the respect of our customers by applying all the right solutions to their groundwater problems on projects both large and small. The key to Around 2 It Services Inc. success has been the combination of engineering staff, field personnel and experience. The wide variety of dewatering and pumping problems encountered by its customers has provided Around 2 It Services Inc. an opportunity to develop the necessary equipment and experience to solve most water handling problems. When groundwater is encountered during construction, temporary dewatering must be addressed to facilitate construction of the building. Throughout the life of the building, groundwater must be controlled using a permanent dewatering systems. Around 2 It Services Inc. can design the most appropriate system for your projects using Analytical or Numerical methods.

Dewatering & Groundwater Control

Surface Drainage

Surface drainage systems are usually applied in relatively flat lands that have soils with a low or medium infiltration capacity, or in lands with high-intensity rainfalls that exceed the normal infiltration capacity, so that frequent waterlogging occurs on the soil surface. The regular surface drainage systems, which start functioning as soon as there is an excess of rainfall or irrigation applied, operate entirely by gravity. They consist of reshaped or reformed land surfaces and can be divided into bedded systems and graded systems.

Subsurface Drainage

The subsurface field drainage systems consist of horizontal or slightly sloping channels made in the soil; they can be open ditches, trenches, filled with brushwood and a soil cap, filled with stones and a soil cap, buried pipe drains, tile drains, or mole drains, but they can also consist of a series of wells. Modern buried pipe drains often consist of corrugated, flexible, and perforated plastic (PE or PVC) pipe lines wrapped with an envelope or filter material to improve the permeability around the pipes and to prevent entry of soil particles, which is especially important in fine sandy and silty soils.

Basement Waterproofing/Repair

Over the years we have encountered numerous situations where foundation walls need to be rebuilt or reinforced to avoid foundation failure. The cost to rebuild a wall or to reinforce it is significant. You want to avoid such a situation if at all possible and block foundation waterproofing is the place to start.

Water Entering Block Foundation

Moisture wicking through the blocks into the air in your basement causing a damp basment and/or water entering your home beneath the basement floor slab, and unfortunately, the ideal conditions for premature deterioration of your foundation walls. There is only one way to solve this problem: waterproof your foundation.

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