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Welcome to Around 2 It Services

Around 2 It Services Inc. specializes in commercial/residential construction and excavation. Founded in 1985, we have over 34 years of experience in Genesee county and surrounding areas. Around 2 It Services Inc. is focused on you, our client. We listen to your needs and wants regarding your project and then create a design based upon these specifics and your budget. Our team is passionate about providing each client with the best service, design and value possible.

Pond Excavation

At Around 2 It Services Inc. our goal is to produce affordable ponds with healthy ecosystems that naturally promote better water quality. Whether it's a new pond construction or restoring an existing pond, we apply sound biological principles that promote ponds with better water quality and minimal maintenance. Managing stormwater is a necessary part of water management in residential and commercial settings. This is particularly important during storms to prevent flooding, erosion and runoff. One way commercial properties manage storm water is through detention and retention ponds. These ponds, which can vary in size and shape, help slow heavy water flows to avoid floods and act to improve the quality of urban runoff from roads, parking lots and commercial and industrial areas by filtering water.

Pond Services Offered:

Detention Ponds

Detention ponds can be found in every modern land development project. This is because they provide the best flood protection, with the ability to protect against those major storms that occur once every 100-years. Detention ponds collect rainwater flowing down roofs and roads. They are usually built in places with a low elevation to allow the water to flow under gravity. Detention ponds also store the volume of water temporarily, while at the same time letting it discharge at a slower rate. This ensures no flooding occurs in the surrounding neighborhood areas. 

Retention Ponds

Retention ponds are required in areas with high groundwater tables. The high groundwater table ensures these retention ponds are flooded all year round. The water stored in retention ponds is a mix of natural groundwater and rainwater runoff from nearby urban areas. This volume of water is treated by the natural vegetation in the pond to remove sediments and pollutants. They need to be surrounded by natural vegetation to improve bank stability. 

Basement Waterproofing/Repair

Over the years we have encountered numerous situations where foundation walls need to be rebuilt or reinforced to avoid foundation failure. The cost to rebuild a wall or to reinforce it is significant. You want to avoid such a situation if at all possible and block foundation waterproofing is the place to start.

Water Entering Block Foundation

Moisture wicking through the blocks into the air in your basement causing a damp basment and/or water entering your home beneath the basement floor slab, and unfortunately, the ideal conditions for premature deterioration of your foundation walls. There is only one way to solve this problem: waterproof your foundation.

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