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Welcome to Around 2 It Services

Around 2 It Services Inc. specializes in commercial/residential construction and excavation. Founded in 1985, we have over 34 years of experience in Genesee county and surrounding areas. Around 2 It Services Inc. is focused on you, our client. We listen to your needs and wants regarding your project and then create a design based upon these specifics and your budget. Our team is passionate about providing each client with the best service, design and value possible.

Installations & Upgrades

Most of us don’t give a second thought to the sewer pipes on our property, but we should. A sewer line can become blocked or damaged for a number of reasons. Aging sewer lines lead to cracked and rusting pipes. Root intrusion in older pipes with joints account for a majority of blocked sewers. Calcium deposits that develop over time clog up household pipes and drain lines. Ground movement or minor seismic activity can cause cracking and structural damage at the joints of sewer and water systems. Damaged sewer lines can lead to wastewater overflows which can be costly to clean up and cause environmental harm to our creeks and natural waterways.

We provide numerous services including sewer replacement services for residential and commercial businesses, installation of a house sewer trap to help stop gas from coming into your living spaces and the placement of sewer gate valves to help stop basement flooding in Genesee counties surrounding areas.

Excavation & Utilities

Residential Water

Residential projects include main distribution lines, service lines, water meters, fire hydrants, and irrigation systems. We provide complete underground pipeline installation and construction services proven to reduce residential project development time and cost. Around 2 It Services specializes in the replacement of fragile and aging pipelines which comply with modern standards. We have successfully installed hard and soft copper lines, ductile iron pipe (DIP), concrete mortar-lined and coated (CML&C) pipe, and poly vinyl chloride (PVC) pipe, for both existing and new developments.

Residential Sewer/ Septic

Around 2 It Services caters to repair needs of existing sewer lines and provides sewer line replacement and repair services. Sewer pipe lines and sewer pump /sewer lift stations are laid on required grades designed and installed in a safe and proficient manner. Some residential sewer systems use septic systems to remove waste, while modern residential communities have complex systems of combined sewer lines that tie into municipal sewage systems. Commercial sewer systems range from small office buildings to large shopping complexes. Each project requires a road map of sewer pipes, main sewer lines, and other forms of combined sewage systems to effectively carry waste to designated treatment plants.

Basement Waterproofing/Repair

Over the years we have encountered numerous situations where foundation walls need to be rebuilt or reinforced to avoid foundation failure. The cost to rebuild a wall or to reinforce it is significant. You want to avoid such a situation if at all possible and block foundation waterproofing is the place to start.

Water Entering Block Foundation

Moisture wicking through the blocks into the air in your basement causing a damp basment and/or water entering your home beneath the basement floor slab, and unfortunately, the ideal conditions for premature deterioration of your foundation walls. There is only one way to solve this problem: waterproof your foundation.

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